• March 29, 2022

General Knowledge Test- 21

General Knowledge Test- 21

Knowledge assessment is always a best tool to evaluate and redesign the information gathering and quality improvement.

1.Which of the following is a habitable artificial satellite?

a. Chandrayaan

b. Megha Tropiques

c. International Space Station

d. Sputnik

2.Direct-to-Home (DTH) television receives signals directly from which type of the Satellites?

a. Weather Satellites

b. Communication Satellites

c. Navigation Satellites

d. Earth observation Satellites

3.Which of the following pair of origin and discharge places of Mekong River is correct?

a. Himalayas-Bay of Bengal

b. Himalayas-Arabain Sea

c. Tibetan Plateau- South China Sea

d. Tibetan Plateau-East China Sea

4.Which of the following facts related to Sunderbans is correct?

a. Mangrove forest

b. Located in Ganga Delta

c. UNESCO World Heritage Site

d. All of the above

5.Which Country hosted the highest number of Olympic Games?

a. Japan

b. France

c. The United Kingdom

d. United Sates of America





Q1-c Q2-b Q3-c Q4-d Q5-d



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