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Are you feared of Board Exams? How to be ready to fetch good score?

Are you feared of Board Exams? How to be ready to fetch good score?

Every student feels that Board Exams or Public exams are very important and they have to clear the exams with good marks. Yah…it is true because, board exams are conducted by the CBSE or State Board for 10th, 11th  and 12th and the question paper is common for all students. Though the students are good at their academics but still they feel nervous sometimes about the board exams and having doubts like whether I can pass the all exams? Whether I can get the good score? I don’t have confidence to clear the exams? Are Board exams are tough? Etc.

But all the doubts are myth only. Board exams also like the exams that the student appear in their previous classes, but only difference is question paper is prepared by the Board not by the school and the evaluation is also by the other teachers. Sometimes school exams are tougher than board exams. Only thing required is “Confidence”. Then how to get confidence to clear the Board exams with good score? Here is the Strategy..

  1. Read the Text thoroughly
  2. Read the Summary of the chapter frequently
  3. Practicing of questions and exercises
  4. Solve previous papers
  5. Time management


Teacher explain in detail the concepts in every chapter of every subject in the class room and also gives class notes for the questions back side of the chapter. What student has to do? Listen to class carefully and take the class notes Telegraphic format (short notes/phrases/words/Jargons). Once come back home, Read the chapter sentence by sentence slowly and try to understand the meaning of every word, underline the new words/Jargons in the text and correlate with class notes , so that concept can be clearly understood. If any doubt in understanding the concepts, ask the teacher next day in the class.

Like that, student has to do daily and complete the preparation of chapter simultaneously with the teacher, so that all chapters can be prepared well in advance of the Exams.


Every end of chapter, there will be summary (what you have learnt) of the chapter. Summary will give the important points of the chapter. Read them carefully after reading the chapter and revise them very frequently. It will be useful for answering short questions and MCQs.


Answering the questions and exercises given at the end of the chapter will improve the answer writing ability. Read the answers from the class notes and also prepare the notes by yourself. Writing practice of the answers will improve the memory, recollecting ability and less scope for mistakes.


Solving of the previous board exam papers or models papers is necessary to evaluate yourself and plug the gaps in preparation if any. Collect them in the beginning of the academic year and check the pattern of the exam to have clarity of preparation method. Once the chapter is complete, refer to the previous papers if any question was asked from the chapter. Solve or Write the answer for practice and also to improve clarity


Time is same for all and for those who use the time properly will have an advantage. How? They complete the syllabus well in advance, prepare thoroughly and solve the previous papers. Plan the day wisely to read all subjects every day and allot the more time for the subjects which are difficult for you.






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