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Environment Pollution: An increasing challenge for 21st Century

Environment Pollution: An increasing challenge for 21st Century

We all know that world Population is increasing day by day and India became the world largest country in Population crossing 140 Crore. The necessities for the people like Shelter, Power, Travel, Industrial Products etc are increasing. These demands are meeting through the technological innovations and advancements. Though the necessities increases the people comfort but they are creating the Problems for the People itself through Pollution.

What is Pollution and Causes?

Pollution is nothing but the modification of the original characteristics and composition of the natural resources like Air, Water and Soil. There are four types of pollution.

  1. Air Pollution: The emissions such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulphur, Nitrogen dioxide etc coming from the Vehicles, Industries, Thermal power generation(Coal burning ) are the main causes for the Air Pollution.
  2. Water Pollution: The effluents coming from the Industries, sewerage water and Plastic are the main causes for the water Pollution. Rivers, Lakes and oceans are getting polluted because of mixing of pollutants.
  3. Soil Pollution: Throwing of solid waste, Plastic, Usage of more pesticides for the agriculture and fertilizers are the main causes for soil pollution.
  4. Noise Pollution: High level of noise coming from motor Vehicles (Trains, Air crafts, cars and bikes) and Industries are the main causes for Noise Pollution.


water pollutionsoil pollution

noise pollution pollution

Impact of Pollution:

Pollution of natural resources leads to the problems to the People and decreases the quality of life of people.

  1. Air Pollution causes air borne diseases like Asthma, Bronchitis etc
  2. Water Pollution leads water shortage or drinking, lack of clean potable water to drink and increase of water borne diseases like Diarrhoea. The water pollution also causes diseases for marine animals like fish and reduction of aquatic resources.
  3. Soil Pollution leads to decrease of fertility of soil and reduction of crop productivity
  4. Noise pollution causes ear pain especially for children and also causes the stress, anxiety among people.

How to reduce Pollution:

Hence controlling of Pollution is need of the hour to increase the sustainability of the resources and population.

  1. People should use the Public Transport to reduce the vehicle pollution and increase the production for battery operated vehicles.
  2. People should reduce the usage of Single use Plastic.
  3. Power generation companies should produce the power from non-conventional Power from Solar, wind, Tidal etc instead of using coal.
  4. Domestic sewerage must be treated before emptying into rivers and oceans. Industrial effluents shall be recycled and treated before emptying into rivers.

Pollution Control is became a challenge for the 21st century. Governments, People and Industries should work together to reduce the Pollution, to save the natural resources as well as to increase the quality of life of people. 









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