• September 24, 2023

How Social media addiction impact Children behaviour?

How Social media addiction impact Children behaviour?

Mobile usage for all ages is become necessary and for some people it became an addiction. Addiction for good purpose may produce good results but addiction for bad purpose will give bad and un useful results. One such addiction is Social media addiction like Instagram, YouTube ,YouTube shorts, Facebook, Digital Games etc.

As per recent surveys, more than 60% of Children are addicted for mobile phones. Post-covid lot of behavioral changes observed in Children due to their long spending hours with mobile phones. In the Covid period, mobile phone was the tool for their education but post-Covid it became a tool for entertainment.

The observed behavioral changes in the children who are addicted for mobile phones are

  • Impatience and aggression
  • Lack of concentration
  • Memory issues
  • Headache, eye and back pain problems
  • Stress, anxiety and communication issues,
  • lethargy and even depression
  • No interest in academics
  • Reduced Intelligent Quotient(IQ)
  • Not interested to play outdoor games
  • Preferring isolated stay

The above symptoms will damage their future if they are not curtailed to use the mobile phone. It will be little bit difficult to change suddenly but progressive efforts will definitely change their habits. Parents shall play a major role for their children change.

Then how to do? Parents can modify their children habits by doing the following things

  • Sit with children and Spend time with them
  • Talk to them and share the beautiful words and memories with them
  • Ask them to share about their school activities and about their friends
  • Appreciate for their good thoughts and activities
  • Don’t discourage them on marks
  • Encourage them to participate in all activities where no mobile phone involved without any expectation on results
  • Have food with them
  • Play indoor and outdoor games with them
  • Join them in any music, dance or any hobby camps
  • Take them outside parks, films and Nature trips
  • Give awareness about the impact of bad symptoms on future
  • Monitor their phone spending time and shows they are watching
  • Put Child locks for phones and apps.
  • Cut Wi-fi in home for few days and observe
  • Recharge phones with minimal data which is sufficient for basic purposes.
  • Put control on your (parents) behavior/habits also since they mimic your behavior

Try your best; definitely you will get success after few months.





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