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Is your Child not Curious? Ways to make curious

Is your Child not Curious? Ways to make curious

Is your child looking dull or not curious about anything? If yes, as a parent one needs to be concentrated on children to make them curious, playful and active. Is it tough? No, but consistent effort is needed to make the children to show interest to do certain things on their own. As a parent show them many activities in which child can show interest to do. Let us have simple and practically can do activities where  gadgets not required.


Interaction with child by parents is the best way to make them curious, playful and active. It will strengthen the parents bond with child through your words and actions. The way you communicate with your child not only teaches them how to communicate with others, it shapes their emotional development and how they build relationships later in life. The tone of your voice, the look in your eyes and the hugs and kisses you give – all convey messages to your child. But don’t be communicate like a Quiz master or Army commander.

  • Have fun together and enjoy lighthearted conversation with “what”, “ Why” “How” etc.
    • What is the discussion in your school bus today?
    • Have you shared food with your friends today?
    • Why you are so energetic?
    • Which food is tastier? Mummy’s or Friend’s
    • May I know the reason for your “smile”
  • Don’t pin point their mistakes frequently while they talking, let them speak. Later you can rectify
  • Go along with child to play, cycling, gardening etc.
  • Ask them do simple activities like
    • Watering for garden plants
    • Get a glass of water for me
    • Open/close windows
  • Encourage them to ask questions

interactio 2



Sudoku is a logic based number puzzle. It is one of the well recognized brain games. Sudoku puzzle contains nine 3 × 3 subgrids that compose the grid. The objective is to fill a 9 × 9 grid with digits so that each column, each row, and each of the nine 3 × 3 subgrids contain all of the digits from 1 to 9 without repeating any.

The difficulty levels vary from Easy, Medium, Hard and Evil. Beginners can start from Easy level and gradually can improve the skill of number crunching.

You can find Sudoku puzzles Newspapers or buy a book with a collection of puzzles. Don’t put pressure to solve daily but create interest to do frequently.

Solving Sudoku helps to improve logical reasoning ability, Intelligent Quotient (IQ) , memory, focus  and it will be a challenge for brain.



A crossword is a type of word puzzle which is usually a square or rectangular grid with white and black squares. The aim is to fill the white squares with words by solving clues. The grid is accompanied by two lists of numbered clues, one for the horizontal words (“across”) and one for the vertical words (“down”). The numbers correspond to spaces on the grid where the words are placed. The words in the grid cross each other – hence the name “CROSS WORD”

Now a day we have variety of cross word puzzles and according to age the difficulty levels vary. More subjective Cross Words are being given to solve based on their clues relating to class topic like Body parts, Numbers, Environment,Respiratory system etc.


crossword puzzle


Solving crossword helps to improve Vocabulary, Spellings, memory, focus and competitiveness. Find Cross word puzzles in news papers or get the book of cross word puzzles.


We know Habits and Hobbies are deciding the personality of a person. The quality usage of time depends on the quality Habits and Hobbies. Habits are activities which do regularly but hobbies are activities doing in leisure time. Parents can make children enthusiastic to have good habits and hobbies and teach children importance of “good habits and hobbies”.

Will children ready to develop good habits? If your child is ready, you are fortunate and your job is easier. But it is always not easier with all children. Then what to do? First of all don’t shout on them. Make them to listen by friendly interaction as I discussed and appreciation after initiation of dong good habits. Always won’t give commands but discuss as a small topic and make them to realize the importance of your words. But as parent, you should be focused, consistent and free from gadgets while you are with your child like Turn of TV, Keep Phone away etc.

parent interaction

All children are unique hence Hobbies and interests are different. Having a hobby that children can enjoy, brings them joy , reduces stress and refreshes them. Hobbies help them to manage their leisure and unplanned time more productively. It also affords them the opportunity to learn new skills and increase their confidence. Make them build better hobbies like

  • Reading and writing
  • Painting
  • Language learning
  • Gardening
  • Crafting of models
  • Outdoor activities like trekking, walking, swimming, cycling etc
  • Singing, Dancing, learning music
  • Sports

Children are innately curious and born to blossom. World is having lot of opportunities and everyday new opportunities are emerging with growing science & technology. But catching them is only possible when the Child is curious, skilled, creative and having critical thinking abilities.

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