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NATA: First step to become an Architect

NATA: First step to become an Architect

During the momentous 75th year of Independence, Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, unveiled the new Parliament building. It embodies the entire nation’s rich culture, pride, and spirit. But who was the person behind the marvellous building. He is Mr.Bimal Patel, famous Architect who designed the masterpiece building.

How to become an Architect?

National Aptitude Test in Architecture (NATA) is the first step  to study Bachelor of Architecture and to become an Architect. NATA is being conducted by Council of Architecture (COA ) to qualify for the admission to Bachelor of Architecture(B.Arch). Unlike any other entrance examination, NATA is an Aptitude test that assesses a candidate’s ability through a variety of testing formats.

NATA measures the aptitude of the applicant for specific field of study, i.e., Architecture, through assessment of cognitive skills, visual perception and aesthetic sensitivity tests, logical reasoning and critical thinking ability, etc., besides the learning that the candidate has acquired over the past years.


Candidates fulfilling the below criteria prescribed by the Council can appear for NATA 2024:

  1. Passed or appearing in 10+1 Examination with PCM Subjects;
  2. Passed or appearing in 10+2 Examination with PCM subjects:
  3. Passed or appearing in 10+3 Diploma Examination with Mathematics as subjects:

Schedule of Examination

 The candidates can appear for maximum of 3 attempts in NATA 2024 in one academic year. The best score out of all the attempts shall be considered for declaration of results. The score of NATA Test would be valid for a period of 2 academic years. Examination shall be conducted on all weekends starting from April to July, 2024 in two sessions, subject to number of candidates registered for the session.

Examination shall be conducted on all weekends starting from April to July, 2024 in two sessions, subject to number of candidates registered for the session. The Tests shall be conducted as per the schedule as given below:

nata schedulePattern of Examinationnata pattern

Syllabus of Examination

The medium of Aptitude test shall be in English and Hindi.

The aptitude of the candidate will be assessed using some or all of the following:


Drawing and Composition Test

This is one and half hour (90 minutes) – 80 Marks Test where candidate has to attempt three

questions.  The content of the PART A Test is as follows:

  • A1 – Composition and Color -25 Marks: Creating suitable compositions for various situations and coloring them appropriately. Re-arranging various shapes in visually appealing manner and coloring it suitably.
  • A2 -Sketching & Composition (Black and White)-25 Marks: Ability to draw, visualize, depict a situation, involving buildings / its components, people, environment, products with an understanding of scale, proportions, textures, shades and shadow etc.
  • A3 – 3D Composition-30 Marks: Creating interesting 3D composition for the given situation using the provided kit.


 This is one and half hour (90 minutes), 120 Marks Test where candidate has to appear for online test. It shall have two type of Questions viz., B1 – 30 Questions of 2 Marks and B2 – 15 Questions of 4 Marks from the following topics:

  • Visual Reasoning Ability to understand and reconstruct 2D and 3D composition, knowledge about its composition and technical concepts.
  • Logical Derivation Ability to decode a situation, composition, context and generate meaning. Understanding the minute information hidden in a particular situation and drawing conclusions.
  • G.K., Architecture & Design General awareness of architecture and design, current issues, recent episodes etc., Knowledge about important buildings, historical progression, innovation in materials and construction technology.
  • Language Interpretation Ability to correctly & logically generate meaning of words, sentences, understanding about English grammar.
  • Design Sensitivity Ability to observe record and analyze, people, space, product, environment. Critical thinking, reasoning and ability to identify the subtle communications.
  • Design Thinking Ability to understand semantics, metaphors, problem identification and definition, analysis of a given situation.
  • Numerical Ability Basic Mathematics and its association with creative thinking. To unfold a space with use of geometry.

Qualifying Criteria

The Qualifying Marks for the NATA 2024 would be based on the following Rules:

  1. A minimum of 20 marks must be secured in PART A
  2. A minimum of 30 marks must be secured in PART B
  3. Overall qualifying marks for NATA 2024 shall be 70 marks out of 200 as aggregate of Part A and Part B.

A Candidate will not qualify in NATA-2024 unless all three conditions mentioned above are satisfied. In case the candidate appears in multiple tests, all the previous scores shall appear on the score card. The best score obtained in all attempts shall be taken as the valid score for NATA 2024.

 Validity of NATA- 2024 Score

NATA- 2024 score shall be valid for two academic years from the year in which appeared.

How to apply

For more details and to fill Application ONLINE at the NATA portal visit the requisite link ONLINE APPLICATION NATA–2024. of http://www.nata.in  &  https://nata.thinkexam.com/







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