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Is it necessary to read a daily News Paper ?

Is it necessary to read a daily News Paper ?

We all know that in many of the houses, Women used to wait for milk and Men used to wait for the Newspapers in the morning. Both are important and both give morning refreshment. Though the waiting for milk is continuing but waiting for the Papers gradually reducing. You all know the reason. Why? It is because of alternate is available for Newspapers in the hand Palm. What is it? It is “MOBILE PHONE”. Let us leave  the discussion on Mobile Phone. Why News Paper is important? Is it necessary to pay to get to our home?

Without knowing the happenings around the world, life may be isolated. Newspapers give the latest happenings/issues around the world every day.

What issues are covered by the newspapers?

  • Developmental initiatives taken by the Government’s across the State and Nation
  • Political issues across the Nation and World
  • India’s relationship with the other countries and international organizations.
  • Progress of the Nation in respect of Education, Economy, Employments Environment, Industries etc.
  • Information given to the Public by the Governments, Companies, Organizations etc in the name of advertisements

Is it necessary to know all above?

YES. It is very much necessary for all who wish to be aware about the happenings  viz. Local, State ,Nation and world especially General Knowledge learners, Students, Job recruitment Exams aspirants, Socio-Economic-Environment Analysts, Writers etc.

How it is useful for Children and Students?

Newspapers not only give the information on the issues but also give lot of scope for knowledge building and personality development. Students can to learn the following from the Newspapers.

  • Vocabulary and frame sentenceschildren news paper reading
  • Places, Persons, sports and Culture
  • General Knowledge
  • Current affairs
  • Employment opportunities
  • Various new concepts belongs to Science and Technology
  • Habit building
  • Solving Puzzles
  • Participating in the Contests like Paininting,GK etc.
  • Educational news

How to build a habit of News Paper reading?

It is always better to read the Physical newspaper than digital newspaper.

  • Try to get one National English Paper to home every day
  • Find the article which is more attracting and read it in the initial days.
  • Restrict reading of Gossip news/ Political Allegations/ Entertainment news as much as possible.
  • Always keep a pen and notepad with you while reading newspaper and write it down if you find any new word/Place/Concept – It is one way of knowledge buildingnote pad
  • Read every day at least for 10-15 minutes in the initial days and later you can increase the time based on the necessary.
  • Increase interest and confidence day by day.


The habit of news paper reading will definitely helpful to improve the knowledge and personality. It will make you a better personality. 

Build a habit of reading News paper 🙂





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