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Highly Useful Abbreviations/Vocabulary/Jargons/new words

Highly Useful Abbreviations/Vocabulary/Jargons/new words

Having Rich Vocabulary and Jargons always adds value to the communication skills and also  having awareness about the latest terminology, words, Jargons ,abbreviations will be an added advantage in the competitive exams like Olympiads, Entrance examinations  etc,.Students shall develop a habit of building rich vocabulary and day to day practice of usage ,memorize, recollection of such words, abbreviations will definitely useful in their overall performance and Success.


  • MCC- Model Code of Conduct
  • CAA-Citizenship Amendment Act
  • EC- Election Commission
  • FDI-Foreign Direct Investment
  • RBI- Reserve Bank of India
  • CEO- Chief Executive Officer
  • ICMR- Indian Council of Medical Research
  • UNSC- United Nations Security Council
  • AFSPA-Armed Forces Special Powers Act
  • CBI- Central Bureau of Investigation
  • IPCC- Intergovernmental Panel on climate change
  • CEO- Chief Executive Officer
  • CFO- Chief Financial officer
  • COO- Chief Operating officer
  • CTC- Cost to the Company
  • FMCG- Fast moving consumer Group
  • FRBM- Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management
  • ERP- Enterprises Resource Planning
  • MOU- Memorandum of Understanding
  • WTO- World Trade Organization
  • ISO- International Standards Organization
  • UNESCO-United Nations Educational, Scientific & Cultural Organisation
  • SAARC-South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation
  • HGTP- Home Grown Technology Programme
  • FDI- Foreign Direct Investment
  • GIS-Geographical Information Systems
  • GNP- Gross National Product
  • GDP- Gross Domestic Product
  • HDI-Human Development Index
  • ISI-Indian Statistical Institute
  • NCERT- National Council for Educational Research and Training
  • CBSE- Central Board of Secondary Education
  • VVPAT- Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail
  • EVM- Electronic Voting Machine
  • FSSAI- The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India


  • Global South– Developing Countries like China, India, Indonesia, Brazil
  • Global North– Developed Countries  like Countries of  North America and  Europe, Israel, Japan, South Korea, Australia, and New Zealand.
  • Synthetic Media– An Artificial Intelligence (AI) media viz. video, image, text, or voice by using the data available either for misleading or for changing the original meaning and scope. Examples of Synthetic Media are Deep-fakes, AI art, Image synthesis, Audio Synthesis, Music generation etc.
  • Kelp forests– The underwater areas high dense kelp (brown algae or sea weed). Mostly grow along the shallow coastlines. They are vital for coastal fisheries, food and medicine , carbon absorption ,biodiversity and cultural services like eco tourism.
  • Blue Economy– The sustainable use of ocean resources for economic growth, improved livelihoods, and jobs while preserving the health of ocean ecosystem. This  include a wide range of economic activities from the conventional sectors like fisheries, aquaculture, marine transport, tourism and recreation  and other emerging activities such as coastal renewable energy, coastal or sea bed mining like polymetallic nodules exploration.
  • Quantum Computing– a multidisciplinary field comprising aspects of computer science, physics and mathematics that utilize quantum mechanics to solve complex problems faster than classical computers.
  • Gig Economy-The exchange of labour for money between individuals or companies via digital platforms that facilitate matching between providers and customers, on a short-term and payment-by-task basis. A gig worker sells their skills and time through the platform marketplace. and they are considered to be self-employed
  • Marine Heatwave- The periods of extremely high temperatures in the ocean. Rapid warming of ocean leads to ocean acidification and impacts organisms and alters marine ecosystems like habitat destruction, coral bleaching, sea grass destruction and loss of kelp forests. 
  • Green grabbing- Transfer to farm land of small farmers either to the Govts, NGOs or Corporates for the purpose of development of clean fules, Solar power generation, Carbon sequestration, conservation. It leads to displacement of local people and reduction of farm land.







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