• January 20, 2022

Is coaching needed for Competitive Exams?

Is coaching needed for Competitive Exams?

This question arises for all beginners. But answer certainly not similar. But the informed decision will give the right way. Read the following and take a right decision.

What is coaching?

We all know that many of the students opt tuition at least once in their school/college days. Tuition is to improve the understanding of the subject and to get clear the doubts by spending reasonable time on that subject apart from school/college timings.  But entire tuition focuses on the curriculum subjects.

Coaching is the systematic training for one specific examination according to the requirements of the examination in the stipulated time. Mainly focus on the syllabus and the examination pattern. Though the syllabus might be covered in the college syllabus but that the subject might not discussed regularly according to the competitive examination such as

  • Pattern of Competitive Exam
  • Syllabus of the Examination
  • Type of questions being asked in the exam
  • Reference books for the syllabus
  • Tips for accuracy and Time management

Advantages of taking coaching

  • It is a Platform to know the basic know how of the examination
  • Provide a chance to meet the subject experts and experienced in the competitive examinations to clarify the doubts immediately
  • This will give a scope to interact with other students with common interests.
  • Can get the information on the material and books
  • Avail library facility.
  • In addition to above , coaching center is a platform to get
    • Motivation
    • Advice
    • Direction
    • Support
    • Inspiration

college education

Who should attend coaching?

  • Those do not have basic awareness on the examination, syllabus, books and examination pattern.
  • Those need clarity and scope of examination, content scope and need model tests
  • Those who are in self preparation but unable to understand the concepts and who are unable to clear the exam.
  • Some of the women especially house wives facing difficulty in spending time on preparation due to the busy in their work/children. For them, coaching center or any library is the right place to continue their preparation with their commitment and interest.

What should I do apart from attending coaching?

But 100% dependency on coaching center is not advisable. Because, it may not be possible to expect the questioning pattern due the dynamic nature of the examinations and competition. To be in safe situation one has to complete the syllabus after getting the basics from the coaching and master yourself on that subject. Ensure that many of the questions should be solved. This is possible only after following the right method with sincere approach.

Precautions or Things to avoid

  • Coaching center is place to get new friends. But too many friends with diversified interests may not serve the purpose and there may be a chance of deviating from the goal.
  • Attending number of coaching centers with mere interest of taking coaching for the same examination is not advisable. This will be a waste of time and money.

How to choose best coaching center?

Choose the best coaching center with proper information and getting opinion from the old students. Check the following criteria before selecting a coaching center.

  • Availability of experienced and quality faculty
  • Whether they are providing Material or not
  • Whether they are completing the syllabus in time at least one month before exam date.
  • Number of coaching hours
  • Whether they are conducting any tests or not and having post exam analysis etc
  • Availability of library
  • Reasonable and affordable fee.


Ability of the aspirant of competitive exam and the depth of awareness on the exam will decide whether coaching is necessary or not. Aspirants who have confidence in self study with awareness and complete knowledge on how to prepare, what to read, what not to read and have ability understand all topics of syllabus may not require to attend the coaching classes. But lacking of the mentioned qualities may require to attend coaching classes to avoid loss to time, to avoid waste of attempt and to get succeed in the GOAL.




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