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Is Judiciary a good career choice in India?

Is Judiciary a good career choice in India?

main qimg b7edf552a4f4250ba3181c32e5692905The above graph shows that the crime rate in India is increasing and the crime rate has been increased from 383.5 in 2018 to 383.8 in 2020 per 100,000 of population as per the National Crime Records Bureau.

crime 3

In India crime, cheating, marital disputes, women harassment, land disputes ,IP cases, cyber crimes, Industrial disputes etc are increasing. All the reported crimes in either in Police Station or Court need adjudication and need a lawyer and Judge to complete the process. In addition to the above ,Corporate lawyers as well as adjudication in Green turbinal is also increasing.

Do you know that the number of pending cases in the courts are more than 4.5 crores. All the reported cases has to be resolved through the judicial process only. Government is also establishing separate courts and fast-track courts like ACB court, Green Tribunals, family courts etc in addition to the regular courts to resolve the cases as early as possible.

All the cases dealt only by the Lawyers/Advocates and Judges in the courts and those have registered in the Bar councils are eligible to attend the courts on behalf of the clients.

So, No doubt choosing Law as a Career is preferred choice since it has a lot of potential in the country and good lawyers are always in demand. Lawyers with specialization like corporate law have more demand in the corporate field. Remuneration for Lawyers is  also increasing and sometimes it is amazing for a best lawyer.





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