• November 14, 2023

Miyawaki forest: A ray of hope for Urban Air Pollution

Miyawaki forest: A ray of hope for Urban Air Pollution

We all know that Urbanization is rapidly increasing in India and the problems arising out of urbanization are also increasing such as Air Pollution, Urban Flooding, Deforestation, Urban heat islands etc. Out of all, Air Pollution is the most dangerous and it will become the source of health problems problem for the people of all ages such as Allergies, Asthma, lung cancer, breathing issues etc.

Urban Authorities must concentrate to mitigate the Air Pollution. Urban forestry is the most considerable option and the developing of the unique forest such as “Miyawaki forests” in the urban open areas will give positive impact in curbing of Air pollution and reducing temperatures. Urban People also should involve as part of the social forestry in developing of mini forests in Urban areas.


The concept was first introduced in Japan by renowned botanist and plant ecology expert Akira Miyawaki.

  • Planting of more trees in small spaces unlike the traditional method of planting trees with sufficient space between saplings
  • A park with high-density plantation that helps to restore mini- forests in urban or populated areas
  • Planting of more varieties of plants of number of species including native species in the small area
  • Plants will have wider canopy and boost the ecosystem with microbes, insects, reptiles, worms, and birds,”miyawaki tuda 1


  • Absorbs the carbon dioxide by carbon sequestration
  • Reduces the Air Pollution and dust control
  • Improves the water table in the surroundings
  • Helps to decrease the intensity of urban flooding in the low land areas
  • Reduces the urban heat island effect by reducing the temperatures
  • Improves the biodiversity & Supports the local wild life


  • Identify the small open areas and prepare the land for plantation with addition of soil nutrients.
  • Identify the species to be planted including the local species with varying canopy.
  • Plant the saplings as per the plan by combining all the plants with varied types
  • Maintain the area with proper watering and care shall be taken until it becomes a full grown mini forest.

Sustained efforts of all stake holders i.e Government, Politicians and People are necessary to mitigate the Urban Problems.




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