• January 9, 2022

General Knowledge Quiz-1

General Knowledge Quiz-1

Q1.  Iris is related to which of the following organs?

a. Skin b. Nose
c. Ear d. Eye

Q2. The number 10,00,000 is called

a. 1 Lakh b. 1 Million
c. 10 thousand d.1 Billion

Q3. Smile is related to which of the following Quotient?

a. Intelligent Quotient b. Career Quotient
c. Emotional Quotient d. Adversity Quotient

Q4. The hobby “Stamp Collection” is called as

a. Philately b. Calligraphy
c. Palmistry d. Stamping

Q5. How much time does Sun rays reach from Sun to Earth?

a. 10 minutes b. 11 minutes
c. 12 minutes d. 8 minutes



Q1-d, Q2-b, Q3-c, Q4-a, Q5-d





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