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Types of PSC mains examination (Descriptive ) questions

Types of PSC mains examination (Descriptive ) questions

Fetching of good marks in any descriptive exams not only depends on the depth of knowledge of the subject but also depends on the presenting the answer according to the requirement of the question. Generally the questioning and answer depends on the function words such as “what, which, when, where, who, whom, whose, why, whether and how”.

The critical analysis, analytical, thinking, judgmental abilities of the candidates cannot be assessed by the simple question words but can be assessed with the other functional directives in the question. Candidates answering the questions shall read and understand the directive used in the question thoroughly and present the answer accordingly.

The various types of such directives are as follows.

Sl. No. Type of Questions Directives used in statement Requirement of answer
1 Descriptive Explain, Elaborate, Narrate Emphasis should be given to factual content
2 Explanation seeking Elucidate, Demonstrate, Justify, Give an reasoned account etc

Introduction should be cumulative issue at hand

Give logical arguments for consequences of the same.

Conclusion should be summative of given arguments

3 Examining the issue Analyze, Discuss Discuss the multiple aspects of the issue at hand.

Supplement relevant facts to support your view and conclude at a positive and futuristic note

4 Comment on Specific issue Assess, Evaluate, Critically discuss Estimate the strengths and limitations
associated with event and provide a profound
analysis of cause effect on the issue. Conclude
holistically with some suggestions
5 Hypothesis oriented Formulate, Derive, Deduce Such questions are mostly seen in ethics paper,
Estimate the intensity of the topic accordingly,
to supplement the body with innovation and
original ideation

Let us see how UPSC was formulated questions based on such directives.(Examples)

types of questions

types of questions1

types of questions2





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