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General Knowledge Quiz-7

General Knowledge Quiz-7

Practice improves efficiency of answering. Practicing the multiple choice questions from various subjects will improve the answering ability in all subjects. It helps to achieve good score in competitive exams like Olympiads.


Q1.  “Forenoon” is used to identify time in which part of the day?

a. Evening b. Afternoon
c. Morning d. Night

Q2. “Surgery and Diagnosis” are the words related to which profession?

a. Engineering b. Medicine
c. Agriculture d. Industry

Q3. The material erupted from the volcanic explosion is called

a. Liquid Earth b. Liquid explosive
c. Lava d. Molten land

Q4. “Charles Babbage” is well known for his

a. Invention of computer b. Invention of corona vaccine
c. Invention of Rocket d. Invention of Drone

Q5. “Melting of ice” is due to which one of the following reasons?

a. Rain b. Wind
c. Temperature d. Cloud



Q1-c Q2-b Q3-c Q4-a Q5-c


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