• November 13, 2023

Guide books reading: good or bad?

Guide books reading: good or bad?

School going Student starts doing home work in the evening and write answers for the questions given by the teacher in the class. Some students immediately open the readymade answered book called “guide book” to copy the answers. They depend totally on Guide books.  Is it good or bad? Following guidebook is necessary? Let us introspect which is required.

As we know Guide book or Question bank is a book of question and answers, exercises, examples, Solved MCQs etc. It contains all possible questions from the chapters of the subjects and also contains questions in addition to the questions and exercises given the text books i.e NCERT/SCERT/ICSE. It helps students to acquaint with  more questions and answers and helps to boost the marks in the exam.

But what will happen if students addicted for guides without reading and understand the concepts in the text books?

  • Students will not read the text thoroughly and understand all the concepts
  • Students will not try to think to get the answers for the questions and exercises
  • Students will lose the ability to frame their own questions and answers
  • Students will be habituated for rote learning and will be addicted
  • Students cognitive ability will not improve

So what to do?

  • First read the text thoroughly and understand all the concepts. Build knowledge. Try to solve or answer all questions, frame your own questions and answers. Then open the Guide book and check whether all the question and answers covered including the questions you prepared.
  • Revise the text frequently and solve as many questions as possible from all sources like Guides, Chapter end questions and previous papers. It helps the answering ability of the student.
  • If the student does the integrated preparation by combining all sources his/her cognitive ability improved and scoring of marks also will be improved.
  • The cognitive ability will be the most important tool for the overall knowledge and success.







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